Annual General Meeting – ByLaw Voting Outcome and Minutes

Thank you to all who attended our Annual General Meeting (AGM). We had a great turnout and a very meaningful presentation from Sara Smith, ICF Global, Past President.

This blog post includes the ByLaw Voting Outcome and the Meeting Minutes.

ByLaw Voting Outcome

One of our orders of business was to vote on a bylaws amendment detailing quorum for our general members' meetings. We are excited to report back that we had 73 members vote on the amendment, which represents 42% of our membership. 

2 comments were included 

Comment 1

Just a query -- is the reduced quorum related to reduced participation in the monthly meetings? Do we know why the participation is reduced? Covid certainly is a contributor and likely more 'webinar-based' time added into the evenings also is a deterrent as we are on webinars all day. These are challenging times, I know. Thank you for the work you are doing on our behalf!

The rationale for amending quorum was to put us in line with industry standards for quorum and ICF Global. This does not mean we won't continue to strive for a turn out beyond quorum and better attendance to our meetings and events.  The rationale for amending the bylaws was explored in greater detail in one of our past blog posts, you can read more about it here 

Comment 2

Good work on all of this. Very good communication.

Thank you to both our commenters for recognizing and appreciating the work of the Board. 

Meeting Minutes

ICF Edmonton Charter Chapter's meeting minutes can be reviewed in the PDF. Also, the meeting was recorded, so if you'd like to watch it, please email Sarah at to get the link.