Western Region Coaching Conference in Calgary

Postponed Indefinitely


Announcing the
First ICF Western Region Conference

October 2014 – Calgary

Volunteer to enjoy the rewards
of creating something special!

Gaining Global Momentum
It is hard to believe how fast our profession has grown. The ICF now has 24,000 members in 114 countries. That is a lot of coaching talent, and it is evidence that the global credibility of coaching has surged ahead with the ICF in the lead.

Energizing the ICF Western Region
Now we are challenged to keep building on our strengths. The ICF Western Region links us to the global coaching movement, while allowing us to share, pull together and grow regionally. The region stretches from the states of New Mexico, Arizona and California to the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. It includes dynamic Chapters like Vancouver, Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Francisco, Calgary, and a dozen others, all bursting with the potential to create the future of professional coaching. We are energizing professional coaching in the western USA and Canada.

Developing Through Learning

The First ICF
Western Region Conference

We are excited to announce a great learning opportunity for all Western Region coaches. The ICF Calgary Charter Chapter has volunteered to host the Western Region’s first conference in October 2014. Calgary has successfully run an event titled “Day with the Masters” for the past several years. It has combined the wisdom of highly experienced coaches, active practical learning, and an emphasis on building relationship with other coaches. This event will be expanded and extended to embrace participation by coaches from across the ICF Western Region. You can expect top speakers, engaging breakout sessions, and an exceptional opportunity to meet coaches from across the west.

Be Part of This First Ever Event - Conference Volunteers
It will be rewarding to look back and know that you were part of the 1st … not the 2nd, or 3rd or 15th ICF Western Region Conference. That’s being part of coaching history! Volunteer and make it happen. Support your colleagues. Create lasting relationships. Know that you are playing an important role. We already have a great volunteer team with Chairs for all but one key Committee. Here’s a list of some of the people we still need.

1.  Chair for Marketing and Communication:  We are looking for someone with strong communication skills and a keen sense for marketing to lead this committee.

2.  Marketing Committee Members – As part of the Marketing Committee, you will be responsible for getting the word out on the conference.  This committee is responsible for newsletters, pr, website maintenance, solo e-mails, blog posting, and consistent visual branding in accordance with ICF regulations.

3.  Registration Committee Members – As part of the Registration Committee, you will be involved in designing the registration process, and making sure registration goes smoothly at the conference.  This committee is responsible for name tags, welcome bags, passports, the registration master list, and staffing of the registration table at the conference.

4.  On-site Conference Volunteers – We need people to help at various presentations, collect feedback, stamp passports, or do all the other jobs that allow a conference to run efficiently, and make a people feel welcome.

If you are interested in volunteering, please email Barbra Bell, barbrab@sasktel.net or Adonica Sweet,  adonica@sundialcoaching.com

Let Barb or Adonica know about your area of interest, and any special experience and skills you bring. Please be sure to include: work phone, cell phone and ICF Chapter name. Thank you.

ICF Calgary Chapter
Box 899
Okotoks, AB T1S 1A9

Postponed Indefinitely