Board of Directors



Greg Hadubiak  MHSA, FACHE (R), CEC, PCC

Greg is President and co-founder of BreakPoint Solutions.  He brings a passionate commitment to helping leaders and organizations realize their strengths and enables them to achieve their potential through the application of his leadership experience and coaching skills. He has extensive experience as a senior leader that has been supplemented by a successful record as a coach and consultant since 2012. He has many years’ experience in a full range of leadership development and coaching services.

Greg is certified in several assessment tools including EQi 2.0, EQ 360, Total Strengths Deployment Inventory, a range of Psychometric Canada tools and LEADS 360.

Greg prides himself on the quality of his work and attention to detail that goes into all aspects of his consulting, coaching, and client relationships. He offers expertise only in those areas where he has proven competence and does not seek or accept work where he does not have the required resources or capabilities. Greg is implementation and results oriented. He believes that the degree of repeat business and ongoing client relationships he enjoys is due to the quality of work delivered and the degree of client satisfaction with results accomplished.



Alice Kshyk

Past President

Alice is a Certified Executive Coach and Certified Management Professional who specializes in team and leadership development of all levels; from aspiring entrepreneur to CEO.  Alice helps forward-thinking leaders get clear on where they are and what they want to achieve, and partners with them to realize accelerated growth.   Whether working with individuals or teams, she challenges her clients to consider what is possible, and explores with them the systems thinking required to achieve their objectives.  It is both her belief and experience that when the stage is properly set with intentions routed in integrity and compassion, individuals, work teams and organizations flourish.

Inspiring and motivating, she is passionate about achieving results by unleashing the untapped potential within individuals and organizations.  Her grounded approach, rooted in the wisdom of over 30 years of successful small and large business ownership, sets the tone for meaningful and powerful results.  From sales targets to inventory shortages, HR to work-life balance, bottom line to workplace culture, she is well versed in the many aspects of what it takes to manage and own business.

Alice is a lifelong learner.  Her most recent educational achievements include a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching (CEC) from Royal Roads University and graduation from the Accomplishment Coaching Program.

As this year's President of the Edmonton Chapter of the International Coaching Federation, I look forward to building on the hard work of the previous boards in bringing support and resources to the local coaching community while also bringing public awareness to the powerful and positive impact that coaching can have in people's lives, workplaces, and communities.




James Greengrass, CD, M.Sc, CEC
Membership Director


James is the Principal of Fortifico Leadership Support Services.  He combines his training as an Executive Coach (Royal Roads University) with his many years of experience in organizational leadership as a senior officer in the Canadian Armed Forces and as an executive in the Alberta Public Service.  James is passionate about seeing leaders at all levels equipped for success.  His coaching practice focuses on the timeless principles of good leadership: self-awareness; effective communication; team dynamics; and the principles of sound decision-making.  When not coaching or learning more about it James enjoys cycling, writing, astronomy, playing guitar and long walks, preferably in the country.


Lisa Shepert

Lisa is a Certified Coach, Career Consultant, mentor coach, trainer, group facilitator and business owner with over 20 years’ experience building relationships, trust and powerful learning experiences.  She’s a leader and an enthusiastic collaborator using humor and her outgoing personality to connect with people.

Lisa is passionate about helping people figure out what they want to do in their career. In her private practice she specializes in career planning and transition strategies for young adults and professionals.  She believes people are happier and contributing in a positive way in all areas of their life when they are doing the work they are meant to be doing and feels privileged to be part of the process of helping them find it.

Lisa graduated from The Coaches Training Institute in 2001 and is certified in two coaching models: CTI’s Co-Active model and Royal Roads Excelerator model, trains Crucial Conversations, Strengths Deployment Inventory and is accredited through the International Coach Federation.


Sarah Thomas

Sarah is a certified coach focusing on leadership and board governance. She is also an experienced consultant and facilitator providing governance development, strategic planning and organizational design. She owns Salt Catalyst Consulting and is a Partner in BreakPoint Solutions.  Sarah has over 13 years of professional experience running organizations, supporting strong governance and executing organizational design in the public and not-for profit sectors. Sarah is an intuitive, strategic thinker who brings sharp insight to constructively support and challenge critical thinking in others. Her talent to distill vision and empower people towards it helps strengthen relationships, organizational reputation, culture and credibility.

Sarah is coach certified through Erickson International and credentialed through the International Coaching Federation. She holds a BSc in neuroscience from the University of Lethbridge, an MSc in biomedical engineering from the University of Alberta, an MBA from Queen's University, and a certificate in Organizational Design from Queen’s University.

Sarah volunteers as a tutor with Edmonton Project Adult Literacy (PALS) and as a member of the Admissions Committee for the Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary. She serves as a public member on two regulatory boards – Alberta Society of Professional Biologists and Alberta Human Ecology & Home Economics Association. Sarah is new to the ICF-ECC board and is excited to serve her fellow coaches with an energetic and committed board team.


Kevin Tomkins, MA, CEC
Programming & Engagement Director

As a lifelong student of leadership, Kevin’s passion for coaching and leadership development was cultivated during his 20 years in the competitive financial services industry.  His professional experience includes responsibilities in human resources, sales, leadership, strategy, project management, process improvement, coaching, team development, facilitation and cross-functional collaboration.

Kevin’s personal learning journey has resulted in a Diploma of Associate in Business Administration, Lean Green Belt Certification, a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching, certification in the emotional intelligence assessments of EQ-i 2.0 & EQ 360, and a Master of Arts in Leadership from Royal Roads University.  Utilizing practical application of theoretical concepts, Kevin has advised senior executives and led organizational strategic priorities as a project owner.

Recognized for having a positive attitude and balancing professionalism with a sense of humour, Kevin provides individuals with a safe space to explore the challenges and opportunities within their lives.  By curiously testing assumptions in a positive way, he encourages individuals to self-discover new possibilities, establish achievable goals, determine a course of action, and empower themselves to achieve more than they previously thought possible.

As part of a healthy balance to a busy professional life, Kevin values his family time spent with his wife, two daughters and son, particularly when they get to travel and explore new destinations.

Samantha Nguyen, CPCC, ACC
Director of Public Relations

Sam is a Certified Parent-Leadership Coach through Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and credentialed through International Coach Federation. She is committed to working with parents and leaders who feel they are spinning their wheels, complacent in their lifestyle, and seeking to uncover their full potential. Her professional background consists of 20 years of successful engagement in the corporate sector.  She has had opportunities to lead teams, projects, facilitate workshops, and implement systems. As a coach, she is known to “persistently lead her clients to discover the root causes of the challenges they face and to use that knowledge to develop better ways of thinking and acting.” Her driven focus on challenging the status quo can elevate the potential of parents and leaders

In her personal journey, she has had a substantial transformation over the last 20 years. Some attributes to describe her old self are co-dependency, complainer, negative thinker, self-pity, depression and victim.  She has been able to move from a defeatist mindset to an empowered person by leaning on God, educating herself and continuously setting a high standard for her life. Now she can confidently describe herself with attributes like confident, decisive, motivated, thriving, positive thinker, perseverance, solution-oriented, and integrity. She is grounded in the values of loving God, healthy lifestyle, and continuous growth.


Orest Zwozdesky, ACC
Director at Large

After more than a decade of work in corrections and counselling environments Orest was compelled to find a system that supported clients in moving out of ‘story’ and limited self-perception to one that was fresh, innovative and empowering. In 2004 he was exposed to coaching for the first time and with its focus on human potential and high level impact, it was ‘love at first sight.’ In 2006, Orest received his coaching certification through Erickson Coaching International and has never looked back.

Orest is a visionary leader and dynamic coach with over 10 years of experience supporting clients in creating transformative results –personally, professionally and at a community level. Of Metis – Cree ancestry, he is deeply involved in Indigenous traditions and uses many of these teachings (e.g. holistic practice, respect for all beings and 7 generation impact) to guide his coaching practice. Orest uses a heart-centered approach, sourced in deep presence to create a sacred space for his clients to safely explore obstacles, limiting beliefs and negative ties keeping them from attaining the results they desire.

Orest is credentialed through ICF and has trained in numerous modalities, recently receiving his master level certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).  He uses tools such as guided visualization, Appreciative Inquiry, Deep PEAT processing, hypnotic induction and belief re-patterning to support his clients in overcoming challenges/limitations to create stunning results. Orest works with values-driven professionals to help them create and sustain deeply satisfying personal and professional relationships, compelling visions, high levels of joy, gratitude and self-appreciation and maximum levels of self-care/balance, while attaining remarkable business and monetary success.


Cynthia Moffatt, CPCC, ACC
Director at Large

With over 20 years’ experience working alongside CEOs and organizational leaders across Canada and the U.S., Cynthia has developed a unique perspective and solid approach in her practice as personal development coach and consultant in both the corporate and individual realms. In partnership with BreakPoint Solutions and Pathfind, her expertise and interests lie in supporting businesses in the development of corporate and individual leadership. A highly-intuitive, strategic thinker and centered communicator, her ability to deeply connect and create powerful partnerships has her recognized as a natural leader in service to others.

Cynthia is certified through the Coaches Training Institute, whose prestigious CPCC designation is the most rigorous and respected in the industry with its training program hailed as the “gold standard” by the Institute of Coaching, an affiliate of the Harvard Medical School. She has also attained ACC status through the International Coach Federation, the global body which governs accredited coach training and the coaching industry. Cynthia is licensed to deliver the Leadership Circle Profile™ and Leadership Culture Survey™ as tools toward effective self and organizational leadership. She is also a practitioner of both Kolbe Index™ Profiles and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®.

Cynthia serves clients in the greater Edmonton area of Alberta, the greater Toronto and Ottawa areas of Ontario, and the Midwestern states of the U.S.A. As a citizen of both the U.S.A. and Canada, Cynthia’s aim is to collaborate with a variety of clients, colleagues, and ICF Chapters throughout North America.