Join The New Ambassador Program

Your board is excited to announce a new opportunity for experienced and new members to participate in a collaborative mentorship in 2021. 

The goals of this newly created Ambassador Pilot Program are designed to:

  • support onboarding and the development of new coaches
  • increase and improve member engagement
  • build a stronger culture of communication, knowledge sharing, and skills building
  • provide reciprocal learning opportunities for experienced and new members/coaches

These goals are aligned with the Edmonton ICF Chapter’s mission to operate a thriving, credible, influential Charter Chapter of ICF and be a leading voice/source of professional coaching in Edmonton  and Chapter’s vision of growing and serving as professional coaches through connection, collaboration and community.

What are the benefits for new members? 

  • gain skills and insights based on your needs and coaching practice
  • develop a relationship with a “critical chapter friend”
  • better understand the benefits of  ICF global and local chapter membership 
  • cultivate a larger professional network

What are the benefits for experienced members? 

  • gain a new perspective in your coaching specialty by interacting with new members 
  • give back to the profession by supporting and engaging with mentees in the work
  • enhance your mentoring and/or coaching skills
  • broaden your existing professional network


Participation in the Ambassador Pilot Program requires a six-month commitment from May to October. The nature of the mentorship relationship will be determined by the two participating members based on the needs of the new member with an expectation of regular connection. In November, participants will be invited to provide feedback which will be used to shape the Ambassador Program for the following year. 

Interested in Participating? Here's how to apply!

If you are an ICF chapter member with two or more years of membership and are interested in mentoring a new member, we invite you to submit an Expression of Interest by clicking here. 

If you are a new ICF chapter member with less than two years membership and are interested in partnering with an experienced member, we invite you to submit an Expression of Interest by clicking here. 

The deadline for submitting your Expression of Interest is April 23rd. Interested participants will be matched by the Ambassador sub-committee based on the experienced members’ areas of expertise and new member needs. Both parties will be notified by email by May 7th.

For further information or questions, please contact one of the members of the organizing committee:,, or