January 18, 2016

Cynthia Moffatt, CPCCAt the start of this brand new year, I find myself both honoured and privileged to serve as Board President for the International Coach Federation Edmonton Charter Chapter (ECC). Thank you for your vote of confidence; I’m pretty excited about 2016.  We have a talented and very committed group of professional coaches and consultants serving our membership this year.  Please join me in welcoming each of them as the incoming 2016 ICF ECC Board.

§  Alice Kshyk, President-Elect

§  Jane Hutchinson, Past President

§  Edwina Klein, Board Treasurer

§  Greg Hadubiak, Board Secretary

§  Lori Lacey, Director of Membership

§  Tara Leske, Director of Programs & Events

Our chapter, representing 1 of more than 121 across 61 countries, will be 12 years strong in 2016.  I say that mostly to remind myself how we’re an integral part of a global organization and in great company as we work toward advancing the profession of coaching. For our small and significant part in all of this, the ECC Board will continue to serve the ICF global strategic plan as well as fine tune our own strategic intent developed last year. We began 2015 as a big board (11 of us) with some big plans. Through the year, we right sized ourselves and refined our objectives and are now in a really good place to serve our membership and industry going forward.  We are a financially strong chapter and have developed a clear focus for 2016 in a few specific areas, two of which are 1) membership engagement and education; and 2) consistent programming and initiatives which serve our members and raise the awareness of professional coaching.

Playing a very important role in the focus we have for this year are Evelyn Lawless, our Chapter Assistant and Jevon Hills, Web Consultant.  I want to acknowledge the great work that’s already been done by both of them in support of our Chapter in just a few short months.  I trust they, along with our dedicated Board and committed membership, will be instrumental in helping this Chapter grow and thrive.

There are many opportunities for you, our membership, to become involved, to have an impact and to contribute to chapter events.  We encourage you to reach out to any of the Board member via email, phone or at a chapter event, as well.

In the meantime, please refer back here often as both the website and programming will be under development and there will be ongoing communication from your Board, updates to both the website and events for 2016 and other enhancements intended to bring value to your membership with ICF ECC.

Thank you all for your continued commitment.  On behalf of the Board, we look forward to seeing you all this year and getting to know each of you better.

All the best,

Cynthia Moffatt, CPCC