September 2014

Join Carol Greenaway for an inspiring 3-hour workshop on Saturday, September 13.

Saturday, September 13th

Royal Glenora Club

8-8:30am: Breakfast and networking

8:30-9am: Introductions & Setting Our Intention for the Day

9-noon: Workshop – All the Clients Your Heart Desires

*Participants will receive 2.75 Continuing Coach Education Units (CCEUs) from the ICF. 

Registration Fee for ICF Members: $99.00

Non-Members Welcome: $125.00

Dear Coach,

Are you having trouble finding clients? Do your friends run away when you tell them you’re a coach and offer them a free session?

Have you ever had to compromise to sign up new clients? Perhaps you gave them a discount to work with you, or added extras and bonuses to persuade them that you’re worth your asking price?

Have you ever struggled to find enough people to work with, only to end up with clients who don’t appreciate or respect you? Have you ever had trouble answering the question “why should I work with you?”

Are your competitors - who aren’t as good as you - getting more business than you?

It doesn’t have to be that way!

Join Carol Greenaway (former ICF Edmonton Charter Chapter Director of Membership) for a three hour presentation “All the Clients Your Heart Desires".

By the end of this workshop you will know how to:

o   Develop a strong RED VELVET ROPE POLICY that means you’ll only ever work with clients who energize and inspire you and allow you to do your best work.

o   Create your IDEAL CLIENT profile, so that you’ll be able to hone in on the people you’re SUPPOSED to work with.

o   Identify the WRONG CLIENTS who sap your energy and will to live, and replace them for more lucrative and enjoyable people.

o   Figure out the TARGET MARKET you’re inspired to serve and who seek you out as the likeable expert who’s committed to their success.

o   Decide WHERE to do your marketing and selling to get the greatest return on your time and money.

Time to stop worrying, struggling, and wasting your time and energy.

Discover the NETWORKS of COMMUNICATION that will spread your marketing message… even when you’re asleep.

Achieve a crystal clear understanding of what your clients NEED AND WANT so that you can give it to them when they’re hungry to buy from you.

Create the THING YOU’RE KNOWN FOR … a “single big result” that you can hang your hat on and get people excited about, so that they won’t consider going to anyone else.

Articulate the real BENEFITS of your services in terms that make your prospects say “that is absolutely something I need right now” and sign up for your services.

Use client profiling to appeal to the FINANCIAL, EMOTIONAL, PHYSICAL and SPIRITUAL needs of your prospective customers, which will trigger them to sign up for your services.