President’s Message – December 2016

Edmonton coaches,

This will be my final post as President of the Board of Directors, ICF Edmonton. I have been both happy and honoured to serve as a Chapter leader in 2015, as your President in 2016, and as a continued contributor in 2017 as your Past President.

I am also pleased to share the ways in which our Board has come together this year to create some significant advancements, especially in the area of governance and sustainability of your Chapter.  Our mission is “to operate a thriving, credible, influential Chapter of ICF and be a leading voice/source of professional coaching in Edmonton.”  To ensure we can serve our mission and our members, year upon year, this was a decidedly internally focused year.

Here’s what we were up to:

  • With the Board transitioning annually, we made important advancements in our general procedures and systems, creating a process protocol to ensure consistency and adherence to both ICF global and Chapter guidelines.
  • With ongoing Board succession in mind, we significantly improved role satisfaction of the Board by clarifying position descriptions, time commitments and transferring appropriate Board work to a Virtual Assistant.
  • Subsequently, we addressed our Chapter governance challenge with a full Board for 2017.
  • We retained a Virtual Assistant to handle the important administrative work for the Chapter and respond to the needs of Chapter members.
  • We retained a Web/IT Specialist to handle the augmentation, administration and maintenance of our website and its features.
  • The marketing stimulus grant received from ICF Global was used to offset the cost of the major website upgrade completed in January 2016.
  • We took advantage of ICF’s hosting of the Global Leaders Forum in March where we shared best practices with other Chapter leaders from around the world and learned much in the way of delivering member value.
  • On a monthly basis, we have collaborated with the leaders of 16 other Chapters which make up ICF’s Western Region Advisory Committee.
  • We supported ICF Global in its membership renewal campaign resulting in a strong number of returning members in a year when the Canadian dollar proved challenging.
  • We hosted 15 events, creating opportunities for participants to earn over 18 CCEUs in twelve months.
  • We created a new Chapter Book Club allowing Chapter members to come together in smaller, more intimate settings to share perspectives on the coaching profession and their work.
  • We engaged potential new coaches and members by meeting with those individuals reaching out through the “contact us” link on the ICF-ECC website.
  • We also engaged potential new coaching opportunities for coach members by meeting with those organizations reaching out through the “contact us” link on the ICF-ECC website.
  • We participated in the 2016 Global Coaching Study and made available its Executive Summary to all member coaches.
  • We delivered an ICF-ECC member survey which provided quality feedback from you on what you value from your membership and what your needs are.
  • We were able to continue to keep ICF-ECC as a “no-additional dues” Chapter in 2016.
  • We have maintained a sound financial Chapter and will close December 2016 with approximately the same reserves as December 2015. In 2017, to offset the cost of new support staff, we will be looking at ways to increase Chapter funds through advertising, sponsorships, additional virtual events, etc.

Each year, this type of intentional activity by the Board helps create a stronger, more connected Chapter.  We want to be certain this Chapter, and all it offers to you and the profession of coaching, will exist in years to come.  I extend my deepest gratitude to the 2016 Board members for their volunteership and to our newly added staff for their hard work and contribution to our sustainability. I also extend deep gratitude to you, our members, for your continued dedication and for participating in our events and workshops.  As well, I am grateful for our new Board for 2017 and the energy and vitality they are already exhibiting.

Please welcome:

  • Alice Kshyk, President
  • Cynthia Moffatt, Past President
  • Greg Hadubiak, President-Elect
  • Lisa Shepert, Board Secretary
  • Sharon Strueby, Board Treasurer
  • James Greengrass, Director of Membership
  • Kevin Tomkins, Director of Programming & Engagement
  • Samantha Nguyen, Director of Public Relations
  • Orest Zwozdesky, Director at Large

Thank you, everyone, for a great ICF-ECC year.  With 2016’s internal focus in the rear view, our new and returning Board members are now positioned and eager to add a strong external spotlight on 2017.  As you know, the Chapter’s stated vision is to provide ways for coaches to “grow and serve through connection, collaboration and community.” Under the leadership of Alice Kshyk in 2017, we will be creating some new and exciting ways for our member coaches, the coaching community and the general public to engage.

All the best to each of you.

Cynthia Moffatt