Administrative Staff

Evelyn Lawless

Evelyn started VA Sisters in 1998, and has been working as a Virtual Assistant since then. She provides support on an "as needed" basis to small businesses and entrepreneurs, including professional associations, life and executive coaches, social workers and psychologists, and trainers. Working from her home office and utilizing technology for communicating and transmitting, Evelyn believes that the key to the success of any virtual business is keeping the communication lines open.

Evelyn’s varied background has gifted her with the ability to adapt well to different work styles and personalities. Her experience includes EA to the President of a recording company, a company lawyer, and the Managing Director of an engineering firm. When she moved to Calgary, Evelyn became immersed in the oil industry, working in the Operations Department of a pipeline company, and then freelancing with a crude oil marketing company dealing specifically with crude oil equalization. In addition, she has supervisory experience, having supervised a staff of 6.

In addition to her ‘front line education’, Evelyn has a certificate in Technical Writing from Mount Royal University

Jevon Hills
IT Services

It has been said, “Jevon is like an El Camino because he’s versatile, unique, and shamelessly authentic.” Jevon has been involved with coaching and personal development for over fifteen years as a client, solo practitioner and most recently as a coach and facilitator. Using his various life experiences and skills Jevon is honoured to serve individuals and groups in achieving their own goals in an arena that has served him immeasurably.

Jevon is a Certified Professional Coach and also holds a Bachelor of Music degree in Tuba Performance, a post-graduate diploma in Object Oriented Software Technology, both from the University of Calgary. Jevon takes pride both in his educational accomplishments as well as their diversity, as these have enabled him to develop and nurture a wide range of skills and talents.

When not at work Jevon’s passions involve a variety of creative endeavors including home renovation, furniture building and woodworking, and filmmaking.