Coach Listing

Name: Mary Johnson



Area of Expertise:

* See beyond the obvious and connect the dots of your life - enhances your personal Leadership style and relationships at work. 

 * Uncomfortable having certain workplace conversations? (you know the ones I mean!) 'Essential Conversations' comes out of my work as an Employee Advocate. Get the tools, steps to get comfortable with conversations employees want and need.

 * Leadership Circles for Women; examining and pulling down the inner barriers to 'leaning in' at work.

 * Presentations/ Workshops on Work-Life Balance, Understanding Your Story, Second Journey - exploring mid-life.

Company: BridgeWorks Coaching: Life Coaching and Workplace Training


Degrees: R.N. (retired), OHNC, Practitioner of Change, ECPC

ICF Credentials: PCC

Certifications and Accredations:

• Graduate Erickson College International 2006. • Trained Facilitator through Interaction and Associates San Francsico. • Trained in Dialogue Facilitation from Berkana Institute's 'The Art of Hosting'. • M.B.T.I. qualified - Step 1, 2 and Optimizing Team/ uses StrengthFinder