Coach Listing

Name: Martin Sawdon

Phone: (780) 468-1097


Area of Expertise:

Emerging women ready to offer organizations the leadership for which enlightened people around the world are crying out, women leaders tired of living on other people's terms, tired of workplaces being handicapped by command-and-control leadership, poor communication, siloism and abuse: women leaders determined to find the better way for themselves and their organizations.



Degrees: BSc

ICF Credentials: Example: ACC, PCC, MCC

Certifications and Accredations:

• International Coach Federation Professional Certified Coach
• Coach U Certified graduate
• 13 years coaching, seminar leading, keynotes
• Student of the corporate culture of success 1990 onwards
• Train the Trainer I & II Certified
• 5 years management training ( England)
• CSLA, MLI, B.Phil (Landscape Design)
• 20 years experience of landscape design and project management to \$12M in private and public sector ( England, Scotland & Canada)
• AIB (Banking)
• BSc (Civ Eng)
• 3 years engineering, skiing and hiking (Switzerland)
• 4 years search and rescue & navigation with map & compass