Good Governance is Surprisingly Fun

By: Lisa Jackson, ICF ECC Director At Large (Governance)

Plastic monkeys illustrating the connection we have in our coaching association in Edmonton

Have you ever seen “governance” and “fun” together? In my role as the ICF Edmonton Director At Large (Governance), I truly enjoy ensuring the chapter rules and procedures are up-to-date so our chapter runs smoothly.

Over the coming months, I will be doing some bylaw updates so we can be assured that we’re following the rules while continuing to deliver fun programming. So while I’m working behind the scenes to clean up our governance, I thought I’d take the opportunity to introduce myself and share some insight on why I enjoy governance so much.

There is a part of me that likes to figure things out, and to sort and order. Governance pieces (like bylaws and policies) help me understand where I fit in to the world around me. Bigger than that, governance builds a foundation for me to have more fun. Let me explain.

When I was young, I wanted to learn to play the piano. I sat at the piano at my Aunt’s house and my fingers flew over the keys. You can imagine the sound I created! I needed to learn the rules, scales, theory and practice, in order to build a foundation of music knowledge. Once I did, making music was all about fun! In fact, when I learned to play jazz and blues, I learned where some rules could be bent, and sometimes broken – even more fun!

Something similar happened on my journey to becoming a coach. I attended Royal Roads University and learned the EXCEL framework. At first my mind was taken up with learning the rules and process of coaching. Over time, I built a foundation of knowledge. I was then more available to be present to the needs of my clients. And there is nothing more gratifying and fun than being a coach!

In a similar way, governance for the ICF Edmonton Charter Chapter builds a foundation so that members can focus on the fun of connecting and socializing with fellow coaches who share a passion for coaching. As members, we trust that the business of the committee is well handled, that the money we contribute is well managed, and that we will have opportunities to provide input into the plans and priorities of the group. It’s my role to make sure the rules and procedures are up-to-date so our group runs like clockwork.

Bylaw housekeeping items need to be addressed this year so we can provide assurance that we are following the rules, and continue to deliver fun programming! We are expanding opportunities for you to share your voice, such as online or email voting.

September is our chapter’s election season. You will see calls for nominations and opportunities to vote for board directors. Raise your hand if you are interested in serving on the board!

Stay tuned to the blog and our newsletter to stay up-to-date on any governance changes for our chapter!

Contact me if you share my interest in governance, music, or coaching. I’d love to connect.


Lisa Jackson
ECC Director At Large (Governance)