Membership Options

A. ICF Global Member - ICF Edmonton Chapter Basic Member

  • As a member of ICF Global, you are automatically a Basic member of the Edmonton Charter Chapter if you choose Edmonton as your home chapter when you pay your ICF Annual Membership Fee.
  • There is NO additional cost to being a Basic Member of the Edmonton Chapter.
  • Within one month of joining ICF Global, you will be sent a user name and password from the ICF Edmonton Chapter acknowledging you as an Edmonton Chapter Basic Member and welcoming you to the chapter.  This information will be required to login to the chapter website to register for events at the membership price. Your ICF Global username and password will not allow you membership access at the Edmonton Chapter website.
  • As an ICF Edmonton Chapter Basic Member, you receive:
    • email notifications of all our events and any news items that may be of interest
    • membership price at all regular chapter events
    • a discounted price at more comprehensive professional development events sponsored by the Edmonton Chapter
    • the opportunity to volunteer to join the board of directors or assist in chapter initiatives as the need arises
  • As a result of choosing Edmonton as your home chapter, the chapter receives a percentage of your membership fee to aid in the operation of our chapter.

B. ICF Edmonton Premium Marketing Membership - $120.00 

  • As a Basic Member of the Edmonton Chapter, you are eligible to purchase a Premium Marketing membership at an additional cost of $120.00 per year.
  • In addition to the basic member benefits you already receive, you will also be eligible for a comprehensive coach listing on the  Find a Coach section of our website.
  • The comprehensive listing will allow you to post your picture, contact information, certifications and accreditations, business name, focus of practice, and any other information you wish to include as marketing for your business.
  • Please email to join.

C. Non-Member

  • If you are interested in coaching, but not yet eligible to become a member of the International Coach Federation you are welcome to join us at any of our events or professional development opportunities as a non-member.
  • You will not be eligible for either of the above options until you are a member of ICF Global.
  • The non-member price for events will be an additional $25 for regular monthly events, or the full regular price for professional development events sponsored by ICF Edmonton.

Membership Benefits for Board Members

  • A Premium Marketing Membership will be available to you at no additional charge.
  • Attending of Chapter Networking events will be available to you at no additional charge.