President’s Message – January 2018

Edmonton coaches,

This post represents what I plan to be many over the course of this year in my role as President for ICF Edmonton.  I am pleased and honoured, along with your slate of Board Directors, to represent our profession for 2018.

I’ve been with the Board for several years now, first as Director-at-Large, then as Secretary, most recently as President-Elect and now as President.  As your colleague in Edmonton and with ICF Coaches globally, I can truthfully say that I have learned much from my early involvement in and participation with my fellow coaches.  I hope that I have been able to give as much back to you and commit to further advancing our chosen profession and calling as President in 2018.

One of the major efforts the Board undertook in 2017 was updating and further developing the strategic plan for the Chapter to guide our efforts not only for 2017 and 2018 but beyond.  Our plans and efforts in this regard are ambitious.  Setting and achieving aspirational goals – isn’t that what being a coach is all about in any event?

At our AGM, our President-Elect utilized a phrase to characterize 2017 – “Why Not?”  I followed on that in my presentation – hopes and dreams for 2018 – with the phrase, “What If?”

What if we fully executed on our plans for 2018 and beyond?  What if we built upon the success we enjoyed in 2017?  What if we more aggressively partnered with other coaching chapters – most notably Calgary – on broader initiatives?  What if we were able to create even higher visibility for the coaching profession in the Edmonton region and Northern Alberta?  What if we had a stronger and more consistent social media presence?  What if we were able to better leverage and learn from the resources available to us from ICF at a global/corporate level?

I’ve been involved in many professional associations over the last 30 years and fundamentally believe that the strength of our profession is what we individually commit to making it be.  To paraphrase President John F. Kennedy – ask not what your Chapter/Profession can do for you, ask what you can do for your Chapter/Profession.  It is in that spirit that I have always chosen to be part of the administrative or leadership structure of my professional associations.  It is in that same spirit that I ask each of you – 140+ members strong in our chapter and growing – what if each of us not only participated in Chapter events or activities but also helped to drive forward at least one event or initiative in 2018?!  I can only imagine the power and energy that could come from having all of our members engaged with Chapter events and how much more could be accomplished from simply relying upon the efforts or good intentions of 9 Board members.

What if indeed!

I hope you get a sense of my excitement, commitment and energy that I plan to bring to the coming year.  I look forward to doing all I can for our profession in concert with our Board of Directors for 2018.  Please welcome:

  • Alice Kshyk, Past President
  • Kevin Tomkins, President-Elect/Director of Programming & Engagement
  • Lisa Shepert, Board Secretary
  • Sarah Thomas, Board Treasurer
  • James Greengrass, Director of Membership
  • Samantha Nguyen, Director of Public Relations
  • Orest Zwozdesky, Director at Large
  • Cynthia Moffatt, Director at Large

I encourage you to engage with any one of us, to learn more about our plans for 2018, and find a way to contribute to at least one event this year.  Together we can set our sights high and achieve great things for ourselves, our profession, our clients and our communities.

All the best to each of you.

Greg Hadubiak